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Onsite Optimisation

About our Onsite Optimisation

We provide a number of onsite optimisation services including:

  • Changing URLs to be more keyword Orientated
  • Adding Keywords to Meta tags and meta descriptions
  • Ensuring continuity of keyword use in Headers and sub headers as well as descriptions, images and content
  • Ensuring correct SEO content rules are adhered too, regarding keyword usage.
  • Improved use of internal site links to improve page views and time spent on site.
  • Adding of videos to imrove time spent on site.
  • Checking page loading times
  • Adding a Blog
  • Business Blogging Services
  • Content Writing / Page Creation etc.

Onsite Optimisation Prices

We can provide Onsite Optimisation Services for Prices from £100 upwards, altrhough prices are dependant on the size and number of pages etc. of the website that we are working on.

Please email the web address that you would like a tailored quote on to or feel free to contact us on: 07517 024979.

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