‘Avengers: Endgame’ Deleted Clip Shows Alternate Scene For ‘Iron Man’s Departure

Video screenshot via Marvel Studios

In an alternate reality, the Avengers would have paid tribute to ‘Tony Stark’ (Robert Downey Jr.) differently.

Fans of the MCU can have a glimpse of this scenario, as deleted Avengers: Endgame footage exclusively shared with USA Today reveals an impactful ending of nearly two minutes, where ‘Iron Man’s allies bid adieu to him right after he dies instead of gathering at his funeral.

In the never-before-seen clip, ‘Hawkeye’ (Jeremy Renner) first takes a knee and bows his head to pay respects to the first Avenger, followed by ‘Black Panther’ (Chadwick Boseman), ‘Captain Marvel’, ‘Nebula’ (Karen Gillan), ‘Star-Lord’ (Chris Pratt), ‘Ant-Man’ (Paul Rudd), ‘Captain America’ (Chris Evans), and ‘Doctor Strange’ (Benedict Cumberbatch).

Even more curiously, ‘Gamora’ (Zoe Saldana) takes a look at ‘Stark’ and leaves, as she never knew him.

As to why the segment was deleted, directors Joe and Anthony Russo said it was filmed before the funeral alternative. While they admitted the cut scene was “beautiful” and “moving,” the funeral scene “became a more resonant and emotional reflection on ‘Tony’s death for us.”

In the funeral, ‘Tony Stark’ is mourned by his comrades, who show up in black suits and have had a little more time to process his demise.

Audiences can enjoy more deleted scenes of Avengers: Endgame when its digital HD copy releases on Tuesday. A Blu-ray version will also be ready on 13 August.

We have an EXCLUSIVE @Avengers deleted scene from #Endgame that gives fans a heroic must-see moment → https://t.co/Y0tiB90wX7 pic.twitter.com/QZDxovUCT2

— USA TODAY Life (@usatodaylife) July 26, 2019

[via io9, video via USA Today Life, cover image via Marvel Studios] http://www.designtaxi.com/news/405666/Avengers-Endgame-Deleted-Clip-Shows-Alternate-Scene-For-Iron-Man-s-Departure/

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