Burger King Sends Man On Helicopter Ride To Flame-Grill ‘Whopper’ Over Bonfire

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Norwegians are known to create huge bonfires, known as Slinningsbålet, to welcome the arrival of midsummer. The Slinningsbålet is a large celebratory event that normally takes dozens of people to set up.

Burger King recently got the idea of using the Slinningsbålet to demonstrate how its burgers are authentically flame-grilled.

In the video below, a customer is seen walking into one restaurant in Alesund, Norway. An employee then asks if he understands how the chain’s burgers are prepared, and the patron shrugs in response.

The fast food chain then takes the customer on a helicopter ride, where he later has his uncooked ‘Whopper’ freshly flame-grilled 125 feet over the Slinningsbålet.

Burger King is known for its crazy campaigns that illustrate the quality of its burgers. Previously, it created mini flame-grills for residents of a Turkish town that’s absent of Burger King restaurants.

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