Canon Dismisses Ambassador Over ‘Racist’ Tweet That Sparked Outrage

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Canon has dropped one of its ambassadors after her “racist” tweet went viral.

Barbara Davidson, an Emmy-winning photojournalist, sparked outrage online after she posted a controversial tweet mocking Democratic presidential candidate Julián Castro.

The tweet ridiculed Castro for not being able to converse in Spanish. “You can’t even speak Spanish,” she wrote. “That speaks volumes.”

Castro immediately responded to her tweet, asking, “What do you think it says?”

Shortly after, Davidson’s tasteless tweet made its rounds, with social media users from the Latin community coming forward to address the “racist” post.

Many Twitter users also tagged Canon to remove Davidson as its ambassador over the remark.

After facing criticism, Davidson decided to take a break from social media and deleted her Twitter account, explaining on Facebook that she could “feel her eyesight deteriorating.” In spite of this, she later posted a lengthy apology on her Twitter account, which has since been deleted.

The photographer wrote, “I profoundly regret my ignorance and the pain I have caused because of it,” and that it had “contributed to a culture of hate.”

Following which, Canon dismissed Davidson from her ambassador role in its ‘Explorers of Light’ program, as well as removed her name from the company’s page.

While the company refused to comment on the matter, Davidson has confirmed that Canon terminated her contract as it “couldn’t risk a consumer boycott.”

In case it's not pulling up, here's the tweet. My accessibility settings are off for some reason; this tweet from Barbara Davidson to Julián Castro reads sent August 4, 2019, reads "You can't even speak Spanish and you were born and raised in Texas. That speaks volumes."

— Aura Bogado (@aurabogado) August 5, 2019

Interesting, Barbara. What do you think it says?

— Julián Castro (@JulianCastro) August 4, 2019

As someone who doesnt speak Spanish and I have a Mexican mother, I think it means @Photospice and other white people believe racial progress is measured by how fast minorities lose their culture and language and try to fit into "white America".

— Blue In A Red State (@BlueNRedState) August 4, 2019

She says ignorant things calls you a coward and then can't take people calling her out and starts deleting tweets and then closes her account. Even if you claim to belong to the same party like she does, ignorance should be called out when it is displayed.

— Oklahoma Resistance (@OklahomaResist) August 5, 2019

People say ignorant things. It’s not a crime, it can be a learning moment. I granted #BarbaraDavidson that & let her know directly/openly that her comment was offensive. Her response was to threaten, falsely report & pathetically lie (“leaving social media due to vision”). Wrong.

— Gaby Dow (@GabrielaDow) August 5, 2019

Hey @CanonUSA, when your “ambassadors” say really stupid things how do you handle this? Asking for a friend.

— JPat24 (@JMPat24) August 4, 2019

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