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Cashews Look Like ‘Demonic’ Trolls When They Grow & It’s Driving People Nuts

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The cashew is actually not a nut, but the seed of the cashew apple.

It also looks pretty devilish before being harvested, as internet users have just found out.

“I was today years old when I learned that this is how cashews grow,” tweeted YouTuber Colleen Ballinger, who also shared a photo of the seeds still being attached to the vibrant fruit.

One of the seeds in the picture appears to have an angry face that is terrifying social media users. “Is this a phobia?” one Twitter user comments. “Because I’m 99-percent sure I just discovered that I have it.”

“These are not cashews,” a mortified follower replies. “They are shrunken heads of the poor souls who crossed an ancient witch’s path.”

Jokes aside, the revelation has brought social media users to discover why cashews are so expensive and precious. Not only is there only one seed per fruit, but the women who painstakingly produce them are also suffering.

According to an article by The Telegraph, 60-percent of cashews are processed in India by hand. The cashew is made up of two layers of hard shell, which contain corrosive liquids between them that can result in terrible burns.

Many women in the industry have been left with permanent damage on their hands, despite only earning about 160 rupees (US$2.25) per 10-hour day as of May 2015.

i was today years old when i learned that this is how cashews grow.

— Colleen Ballinger? (@ColleenB123) September 12, 2019

“did you know that cashews come from a fruit” was buried DEEP in my memories

— abby? (@hellocmb) September 12, 2019

I know. Doesn't it change your whole perspective of buying a container of them at Costco? Madness.

— ?Stacy Hinojosa (@stacyplays) September 12, 2019

Yo, if one fruit produced one cashew, I really don’t wanna know what kind of science is creating them in mass quantities lol

— Kidbehindacamera (@Lyricoldrap) September 12, 2019

they look like grumpy old men

— abby? (@hellocmb) September 12, 2019

I thought the one in the middle had a face for a second and I panicked wow ?

— Have no fear, your hero is here ? (@ZackarysMama118) September 12, 2019


— ads is taking a break (@whatitdobabye) September 12, 2019

They kind of look like angry demonic mushrooms dont they?

— CelestialSpider (@SpiderCelestial) September 12, 2019

is this a phobia? because i’m 99% sure i just discovered that i have it

— Johnny Silvestri (@JohnnySilvestri) September 12, 2019

these are not cashews they are shrunken heads of the poor souls who crossed an ancient witch's path

— gabbie hanna (@GabbieHanna) September 12, 2019

technically, it is.

— ? (@umkeeks) September 12, 2019

[via Colleen Ballinger, images via various sources]

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