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Ten Top Website Design Tips – Tip 9

  Consider the usability of your Website! At the end of the day if your website isn’t usable visitors will be off – as quick as a mouse. So, when working on the web design, consider the end user’s experience of the site. It can be a good idea to make a list of the […]

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Ten Top Website Design Tips – Tip 8

  Write your content with your target audience in mind and keep it jargon free. When writing or commissioning the copy for your website, you should bear in mind your target audience.  Tempting as it is to use the medium to bombard the user with all the information you can, so need to keep it […]

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Ten Top Website Design Tips – Tip 7

  Ensure that your website degrades gracefully! Not everyone has the latest PC and the fastest broadband so you should make sure that your website and the code used, is as simple as it can be without compromising on the elements that you require.  HTML code needs to degrade gracefully and not slow down or […]

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Ten Top Website Design Tips – Tip 6

  Ensure your website and content is easy to understand. Visitors coming to your website typically won’t want to spend much time so ensure that every aspect is easy to understand; from the navigation to the copy. There are design techniques that can help make the information on a page easier to understand – think […]

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How to find your Website’s ranking…

If you want to see where your current website is ranked you can use the Services of Alexa at The home page of Alexa looks like this:   If you type in your website domain name you will be able to see where Alexa ranks it out of the 30million or so websites that […]

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