Chance The Rapper’s Secret ‘Lion King’ Cameo Is More Than Just An Animal Part

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People are busy talking about Beyoncé’s voiceover of ‘Nala’, but few might know about Chance the Rapper’s cameo in The Lion King. It turns out that he plays an adorable creature, in addition to helping out significantly behind the scenes.

After the film premiered this week, Chance the Rapper finally revealed that he signed onto the production as consultant with Jon Favreau’s request. Given that he has been a huge fan of The Lion King all his life, he seems perfect for the role.

Chance the Rapper wrote in a lengthy, heartfelt Instagram post that he spent his “whole life obsessed with all things related to The Lion King, and finally had a glimpse of this world by spending a year watching “early animations, scenes, music direction or assemblies” in the film studio as consultant of the movie.

He also revealed that he watched and loved all three versions of the story, from the Timon & Pumbaa television show, to the broadway edition of The Lion King and, of course, the original film.

He then mentioned that Jon Favreau asked him out of the blue to sing and then do some lines on the film, making him feel like it was “all a blur, [but] one of the best blurs” in his life.

Possibly the greatest revelation came when he posted a screenshot of the closing credits that saw his name beside the ‘Bush Baby’ character.

Fans can watch out for the little animal, as well as some of the rapper’s work, when the live-action remake kicks in on 19 July.

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Here’s a short story. I grew up my whole life obsessed with all things related to #TheLionKing; like all three films, the Timon and Pumbaa tv show, the broadway play and especially the broadway soundtrack. Needless to say the original film was immensely impactful on my music and overall life. So when my big bro Donald got casted as Simba, he did the coolest thing ever and told director Jon Favreau to call me in as a consultant to keep the original flavor. So for about a year I would go to the LK studio and see early animations, scenes, music direction or assemblies and they’d always be out of this world amazing. One day I’m there Jon asked me to do some singing stuff, another day he asks me to do some lines. Its all a blur, but I’ll tell u its one of the best blurs of my whole life. I am so blessed to know people like Donald and Jon man. AMAZING FILM, AMAZING CAST AND AN AMAZING NIGGHT LAST NIGHT. GOD BLESS AND LONG LIVE THE KING

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Face of the popular "Bush baby" officially called a Galago.

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