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China Takes A Jab At Australia’s Relationship With US With This Mocking Cartoon

Image via China Daily

A Chinese state media outlet has released a cartoon poking fun at Australia as a “subservient and mad ‘yes man’” to the US.

China Daily, which is controlled by the Communist Party, shared the cartoon drawn by artist Luo Jie, which is captioned, “Yes man to one, liar to all.” The cartoon shows “Australia” riding a donkey and heading for battle after taking orders from the US.

The cartoon references the story of Don Quixote, who ordered his squire Sancho Panza to charge towards a windmill, which Quixote thought was the enemy. The drawing portrays Quixote as the US and Panza as his steed, who is seen attacking a windmill labeled as China.

Australia is launching an investigation into the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, which has been backed by Trump. China, on the other hand, finally agreed to divulge how it purportedly handled the outbreak in Wuhan last January.

#ICYMI Yesman to one, liar to all

— China Daily (@ChinaDaily) May 24, 2020

[via, opening image via China Daily]

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