Free ‘’ Tool Converts Pages To Save Data, Load ‘Instantly’

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It’s no longer about establishing visual hierarchy, in that the most essential information of your site gets displayed in areas that have the greatest visibility; visitors expect immediate gratification even before arriving on your website.

Any good designer would know that in order to meet users’ expectations, you’ll have to be one step ahead of them. This free tool called ‘’ helps you do just that—it preloads a page even before a user clicks on a link, which means that it will be ready by the time they decide to enter it.

You might wonder how ‘’, created by French developer Alexandre Dieulot, would be able to predict when a user wants to visit a page. The tool’s website describes that users are more likely to click on a hyperlink if their cursor hovers it for about 65 milliseconds, so it will preload the page around this timeframe.

On mobile, users tap their display before releasing it, so ‘’ will run preloads within this window of time.

“As a result, ‘’ makes your site feel instant even on 3G, assuming your pages are fast to render,” the website describes.

Web designers and developers have been so impressed by this idea, it skyrocketed to become the top product on curator Product Hunt on 10 February.

UX/UI designer Alexey Kolchenko, who said the code only took him five seconds to install, commented, “I’m pleased with the perceived loading speed with this little code snippet… pages load noticeably faster!”

To integrate this tool in your website, simply paste Dieulot’s HTML snippet in your site’s code just before </body>. You can copy it here.

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