Frida Kahlo’s Only-Known Voice Recording Might Have Been Found—Listen To It Here

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Frida Kahlo’s face is widely-known, having been seen on portraits and art merchandise. However, not many can claim to have heard the voice of the legendary Mexican artist until now.

The only-known recording of the Kahlo’s voice was found in Mexico’s national sound library, the Fonoteca National. The director of the establishment, Pável Granados, revealed in a press conference on 12 May that her voice “has always been a great enigma”, and that finally, what was believed to be the only surviving snippet of it has been discovered.

The tape was made for the 1955 pilot of radio program El Bachiller, scheduled one year after the artist’s demise. Archivists came across it while preserving a collection donated by late Mexican broadcaster and screenwriter Álvaro Gálvez y Fuentes.

The soundbite is believed to feature Kahlo reading from her 1949 essay, Portrait of Diego, where she gave a poetic description of her husband and fellow artist Diego Rivera: “He is a gigantic, immense child, with a friendly face and a sad gaze,” as translated from Spanish by Agence France-Presse.

Now, experts are analyzing the audio in order to confirm that it was the famed artist speaking. In the meantime, art enthusiasts can go ahead and have a listen to the clip below.

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