Google’s Donald Glover Playmoji Outdoes Apple’s Ariana Grande Memoji At Grammys

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Google and Apple took to the 2019 Grammy Awards with their Playmoji and Memoji ads respectively, but who do you think won this emoji battle?

Google invited This Is America’s Childish Gambino, aka Donald Glover, to star in a dance-off with his animated self in its ad that promotes the Pixel 3. Here, the artiste grooves along to his record Human Sacrifice.

Apple subsequently aired its memoji spot at the event that stars the emoji version of Ariana Grande. Her hit single 7 Rings, which left the singer with a hand that now says “BBQ grill finger,” plays in the background.

As explained by Google Playground’s product manager Elisabeth Morant, the Childish Gambino Playmoji can be adapted AR-style to photos and videos in Pixel phones “by simply pointing your camera and dropping him into the scene.”

“He even reacts to your facial expressions in real time thanks to machine learning—try smiling or frowning in selfie mode and see how he responds,” adds Morant.

Meanwhile, Grande had been professionally animated solely for the Apple ad, meaning emoji-Grande won’t be appearing on your iPhone anytime soon.

Looks like Google has taken the crown for this one. Check out both ads below. Which do you prefer?

[via Fast Company, videos via Made by Google and Apple, main image via video screenshots]

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