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Japanese Firm Designs Less Annoying, Barely-There Face Cover For Glasses Wearers

Image via Glasses Mask

Face covers are especially uncomfortable for people who wear glasses, not only because they’ll feel like there’s one more item stacked onto your face but will also fog up your lenses when you breathe. You’ll always notice they’re there.

When it comes to improving the quality of life for glasses-wearers, Japanese product design and development Kagomedia sure has foresight. The company has invented a breathable ‘Glasses Mask’ that feels almost weightless and invisible, and won’t cloud your vision.

Despite its name, the Glasses Mask appears to be a face shield rather than a mask, since it doesn’t fit snugly around your nose. What makes it most different from regular face shields, though, is that instead of being fitted around your head, it attaches onto the temples of eyewear, so you actually won’t feel it at all.

The inventors describe that since there’s also minimal contact with your face, you’ll suffer fewer “maskne” breakouts. The transparent design also ensures your facial expressions don’t stay hidden.

According to Japanese media outlet Internetcom, the equipment weighs under 10 grams so it will virtually feel like nothing.

Perhaps the greatest gripe people would have about this face cover is that it is made out of PET plastic—but the good news is that the cover is reusable. When you’re done with it for the day, you can easily sanitize it for the next use with alcohol-based disinfectant.

The Glasses Mask can be delivered outside of Japan, which is a great thing because, discounting shipping costs, it stands as one of the more affordable options for face coverings in the market. A set of four comes priced at ¥1,375 (US$13).

Alternatively, there are a number of “hacks” to keep your spectacle lenses fog-free if you belong in the four-eyed fam.

Amazon has also started retailing face shields that it designed for healthcare professionals at cost price and at “a third less than the cost of all other reusable face shields currently available.”

Image via Glasses Mask

Image via Glasses Mask

Image via Glasses Mask

Image via Glasses Mask

[via Internetcom, images via Glasses Mask]

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