Kim Kardashian Reveals Cellphone Secret About A Ranch During Jimmy Fallon’s Show

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On the recent The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Kim Kardashian had to reveal her cellphone secrets along with the host.

When it was Kardashian’s turn to display her latest text with her husband Kanye West, the text revealed that the couple just bought a luxurious Wyoming ranch that cost them US$14 million.

Kanye West shared a picture of the ranch and a lovey dovey message calling it “the first ranch in our family” and that it would “mean so much” in half a century’s time, according to Huffpost.

Though Kardashian previously told Vogue Arabia that she wouldn’t mind living in Wyoming in ten years’ time, she has since changed her mind. On the show, she clarified that she would only be on the ranch for the summer and weekends.

Kardashian would probably be spending most of her time in Los Angeles. Having more than one house certainly increases one’s options.

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