Kylie Jenner Exudes Cleavage With Corset On Magazine Cover, Gets Called ‘Latina’

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Just recently, Kylie Jenner was making headlines for her latest looks at Coachella. It appears that she takes no breaks, as the reality television star is back at it again with a corset that emphasizes on her cleavage on the cover of S Moda magazine, much to the delight of her fans.

This is not the first time Jenner has worn a corset on the cover of a magazine, but this time it is slightly different. Her latest corset outfit has greater gothic undertones, and she has paired it with pendant earrings and lace sleeves.

Despite showing off her bust with an intense gaze typical of the star, this outfit can be considered one of her relatively “tame” looks where much of her figure is hinted at rather than explicitly shown.

Weirdly enough, fans have zeroed in on Jenner’s skin tone, which seems a little darker in this feature probably due to Photoshop and makeup.

One follower even makes the remark, “Damn, I thought she was Nicki Minaj for a sec,” while another comments that, “She went from a thin white girl to a Latina ak Blck [sic] woman.”

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