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Little Caesars Fires Staff For Placing Pepperoni In Swastika Shape On Pizza

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A couple in Ohio received a ready-made pizza with pepperoni aligned in the shape of a reverse swastika symbol.

The man who received the order, Jason Laska, told CNN that, “Things like this are keeping hate alive in this world.” He had grabbed the pizza from a Little Caesars store and headed home for dinner on Saturday.

The swastika symbol is known to represent Buddhism but the reverse version has been used by the Nazis when Adolf Hitler designed the Nazi flag in 1920.

Jill Proctor, a Little Caesar Enterprises spokeswoman, informed the publication that the two employees responsible for the actions had been terminated since.

Two Northeast Ohio @littlecaesars employees have been fired after a customer was given this pizza with pepperonis placed in the shape of a swastika. Full story on News 5 at 11:00. @WEWS

— Emily Hamilton (@emilyhamiltontv) June 28, 2020

[via CNN, cover image via Heng Lim /]

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