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MasterClass’ Expensive Courses Get Distilled Into Free ‘WikiHow’ Tutorials

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For some, MasterClass has been a wonderful resource in helping them diversify their skillsets during this time of introspection. However, at US$180 for an annual subscription, the courses don’t come cheap and are possibly unattainable for some who truly need the learning.

In the latest of its outrageous pursuits, product design company MSCHF has—in its own words—“stolen” takeaways from MasterClass’ celebrity-led lessons and repackaged them into pages bearing the iconic style of WikiHow, complete with the bizarre clipart.

MSCHF is recognized for its over-the-top campaigns that sometimes stretch above the limits of legality. The agency previously created a radio-like website that let visitors “tune into” shows pirated from streaming platforms, recreated every episode of The Office to accompany the work-from-home crowd, and designed US$3,000 Jesus-themed Nike sneakers for those wanting to “walk on water.”

The new educational, but not-so-ethical, website is called masterWiki, a blend of both MasterClass and wikiHow’s names. At present, it is home to 20 guides, including a “How to be a Creative Leader” page inspired by Anna Wintour’s class, Frank Gehry’s “How to Design Architecture,” Dan Brown’s “How to Write a Thriller,” Gordon Ramsay’s “How to Make Perfect Scrambled Eggs,” and even Serena Williams’ “How to Serve a Tennis Ball.”

MSCHF stressed that the website is simply “for the lulz” and has no affiliation with the actual MasterClass, Gizmodo reports.

You can explore the website’s MasterClass resources, while they’re still up, over here.

[via Gizmodo, cover image via masterWiki]

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