Mr Cadbury’s Direct Descendant Creates Adult Versions Of The ‘Creme Egg’

Image via Love Cocoa

Chocolate runs in the blood of James Cadbury, the great-great-great grandson of John Cadbury, who founded the leading confectionary company. In time for Easter, he’s recreated the iconic ‘Creme Egg’ by incorporating gin and more.

James Cadbury has his own chocolate label, albeit one that’s more exclusive. Love Cocoa, established in 2016, prides on using premium, sustainable ingredients from ethical sources.

As the 100th anniversary of Cadbury’s ‘Creme Egg’ approaches, James Cadbury and Love Cocoa felt impelled to honor the candy with their very own ‘Dream Eggs’.

At £25 (US$33) for a carton of four chocolates, the ‘Dream Eggs’ are by no means your average ‘Creme Eggs’. These ones are adorned with hand-painted shells, and their “yolks” and “whites” have been crafted with a double ganache made with organic ingredients.

Each limited edition ‘Dream Egg’ is filled with a different flavor: gin; passionfruit and mango; salted caramel; nutty praline.

While James Cadbury’s take on the ‘Creme Egg’ isn’t the most pocket-friendly option, it’s certainly a steal compared to Godiva’s US$13,000 chocolate egg. Find out more here.

Image via Love Cocoa

Image via Love Cocoa

[via Metro, images via Love Cocoa]

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