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Nando’s Apologizes For ‘Racist’ Artwork Of Black People Standing In Toaster

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Peri-peri-style chicken chain Nando’s is taking heat for displaying a bizarre painting of four people of color standing inside a toaster.

Colin Hill, CEO of Nando’s UK and Ireland, has apologized after a black customer at a Nando’s outlet in Birmingham contacted him on LinkedIn about the “completely insensitive” artwork depicting “one of the worst periods of human history.”

The patron, a property investor, lamented that the characters in the painting “would have been historically subject to degradation and hardship,” and yet they were portrayed in a toaster “used to cook or burn bread.”

The man continued to say that the piece was an “absolute disgrace in this day and age,” and expressed his disbelief that a popular chain like Nando’s would put up the painting.

Hill acknowledged that the painting and its “potential interpretation” were already reviewed by Nando’s before the restaurant’s opening, and should have been rejected.

In a statement via, the CEO explained that each Nando’s outlet is uniquely designed, and that the company’s creative design team personally commissions artists to complement the individual interiors.

“On this occasion, something has gone wrong with our selection process,” Hill noted, reassuring that he would be reviewing the company’s design curation process in hopes that such incidents will not repeat themselves.

The customer isn’t completely satisfied with the CEO’s response, commenting that the restaurant is frequented by patrons with children and that “a specific demographic… would have been highly offended by that picture.”

Hill has reportedly apologized again for the artwork.

Nando's says sorry for 'racist' black people in a toaster painting, now removed from a new UK branch Business Insider South #Africa via @theafricamentor #africabiz #business

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