Outraged Women In Japan Stand Tall Against Being Forced To Work In Heels

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Should women have a choice in what to wear to work?

Indignant females in Japan have started a movement to speak out against having to wear uncomfortable and damaging high heels. Freelance writer Yumi Ishikawa established the ‘#KuToo’ movement in response to the nation’s strict dress codes that make it mandatory for women to wear heels to work or during job interviews. The demanding rule has been likened to “modern-day binding.”

According to The Guardian, the petition calls for the rules to be re-evaluated as forcing women to wear heels is an act of sexual discrimination. The protest has garnered over 30,000 signatures by local women who feel they should have the ability to choose their own office attire.

The word “#KuToo” is a play on #MeToo. The term “Ku” can be interpreted to mean “Kutsu,” Japanese for shoes, and “Kutsuu,” which means pain.

Japan’s welfare minister has fought back against the demonstration, justifying that high heels are supposedly an appropriate choice of footwear and are “occupationally necessary.”

However, not all men agree with the minister, as some have marched down the streets of Tokyo in high heels to show their support for females. Shoemaker Jun Ito told The Japan Times that he would feel “annoyed” too if he was made to wear them. After posing for a photo, he immediately took them off because the shoes made his swagger “unstable” and gave him “sweaty feet.”

撮影で机の上に座ることなんてめっちゃあるよ笑#KuToo pic.twitter.com/HY0SHpbKj6

— 石川優実@#KuToo署名中👞👠 (@ishikawa_yumi) June 10, 2019

Meet the woman behind Japan’s #KuToo movement that sparked thousands to say no to mandatory heels at work #KuToo運動 pic.twitter.com/qltfd1Wreu

— TicToc by Bloomberg (@tictoc) June 9, 2019

I lived and worked in japan and this is VERY MUCH REAL. I ran down hallways, bussed tables, cleaned hot springs, did heavy lifting and stood for 12 hrs at a time in heels and a skirt because it was my dress code. #kutoo https://t.co/yOxWaD9l1t

— Becky 🐛 (@muni_maniac) June 10, 2019

Yet another example of why Japan is ranked so low on the gender equality index. Extremely misogynistic thinking from the Minister of Health & Labor. https://t.co/iPgpgWcTcx

— cutenekko (@cutenekko) June 6, 2019

If high heels are so "necessary", the men should wear them. Starting with Japan’s Labor Minister.#KuToo https://t.co/KMftpK9wde

— Laura Soto Salazar (@lalasoto) June 10, 2019

[via Teen Vogue, opening image via Shutterstock] http://www.designtaxi.com/news/405062/Outraged-Women-In-Japan-Stand-Tall-Against-Being-Forced-To-Work-In-Heels/

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