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PETA Tries Scaring Farmers With Bloodied Sheep Decoy, But They’re Unimpressed

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Image via PETA Australia

Two women were seen at a Sydney mall in gory makeup to mimic assault wounds inflicted on their bodies, holding up a gruesome model of a skinned sheep with signs that read, “Sheep kicked and beaten for wool.” This was PETA’s latest attempt to spotlight the ill conditions forced on some of these farm animals.

The protest occurred after PETA showcased numerous videos apparently revealing the ugly side of the wool industry, where shearers were shown mutilating sheep tails and bodies, stomping on the helpless animals, beating them with electric clippers without any pain relief, and exacting other ruthless acts on the creatures.

However, some wool farmers are not having it with the demonstration angle. For instance, shearer and rural photographer James Braszell told that PETA has made a sweeping generalization of the whole wool industry with a few extreme cases.

Braszell went on to call PETA’s protestors uneducated on a topic they “supposedly feel so strongly about.” He also asserted that the sheep model they had used and the videos released by the organization were not accurately showing “shorn sheep.”

He also urged people to stay informed about both sides in order to find out whether PETA’s claims really reflected the wool industry as a whole, as shearing sheep does not have to be violent. #PETA

— DJ Karaage (@dj_karaage) June 13, 2019

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