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Pornhub Dismisses Viral ‘Only Ebony’ Black Lives Matter Campaign As Fake

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Pornhub’s supposed announcement to stream “only ebony videos” has been denounced as fake.

A viral image shared on Twitter claimed that Pornhub would temporarily only feature “Ebony” footage in an effort to achieve racial equality

The note from the alleged “Pornhub team” read, “We commit to stand in solidarity and take action with the Black community as they rightfully demand justice. That’s why from 6 to 12 June, only ebony videos will be available on our website.”

The message captured the attention of many Twitter users, with one writing, “Love to see it, Pornhub invited to the BBQ,” while another wrote, “We got @pornhub on our side y’all.”

Other Twitter users, however, have called out the site for hosting videos of “Black women and girls being raped.” @ClaireShrugged pointed out that Pornhub has tons of abuse videos “tagged as ‘Black slave girl, white master’, ‘racist humiliation’, and ‘racial abuse’.”

Pornhub responded to the alleged announcement, telling News One that the promotion “was not accurate” and that the note “never appeared on its website.”


— wholesome titty bae 🤔🥴🥴 (@d_notalwys_nice) June 7, 2020

Love to see it, pornhub invited to the bbq

— 𝓮𝓰𝓸 $ (@TheeShego) June 7, 2020

For one pornhub’s video titles are extremely racist & dehumanizing toward Black women…on top of the fact that a lot of the “amateur” porn is from minors or human trafficking survivors being forced into sex on camera. They also refuse to remove videos reported as child porn.

— Dylan Ali (@dylanali_) June 8, 2020

Pornhub stands in solidarity against racism and social injustice. If you are able, we encourage you to give to organizations like @bailproject @BlackVisionsMN @MNFreedomFund @splcenter @NAACP

— Pornhub ARIA (@Pornhub) May 31, 2020

PornHub doesn’t stand against racism and social injustice. Their website hosts footage of Black women & girls being raped. Countless videos of abuse tagged as “Black slave girl, white master”, “racist humiliation”, and “racial abuse.” Stop eroticising anti-Black, sexist violence.

— Sister Outrider (@ClaireShrugged) June 2, 2020

for years pornhub has been a space of rape videos, racism, child pornography, and yet liberals think this is GOOD. only sharing Ebony videos is not activism, it is this very category that facilitates fetishisation and violent fantasies towards Black women. ABOLISH PORNHUB!

— aunty layla (@halalyouth) June 9, 2020

[via News One, opening image via charnsitr /]

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