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Ryan Reynolds Crashes ‘X-Men’ Reunion To Hugh Jackman’s Utter Annoyance

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Video screenshot via Global Citizen

The original X-Men cast held a reunion on Zoom to celebrate 20 years since the first film hit theaters. Then Ryan Reynolds logged on, turning it into something altogether.

The humorous video—created for nonprofit Global Citizen’s Global Goal: Unite for Our Future initiative to spotlight everyday heroes—started off with Hugh Jackman (Wolverine), Patrick Stewart (Professor X), Halle Berry (Storm), and Famke Janssen (Jean Grey). “It’s kind of surreal, guys,” Jackman reflected. “Can you believe it’s been 20 years since the first X-Men movie?

Reynolds, who was in 2009’s X-Men: Origins and not in the original cast, suddenly popped in, which compelled Jackman to hint, “The cast and I were just reminiscing about the movie that we were all in together.”

Seemingly oblivious to the irritation in Jackman’s remark, Reynolds introduced Sophie Turner and Jame McAvoy, who appeared as the younger Jean Grey and Professor X in later films.

As members of the chat exited the group, only the infamous faux nemeses Jackman and Reynolds were left in the video call. “You know what that makes this a reunion for?” Reynolds asked. This prompted Origins star Liev Schrieber (who played Sabretooth) to appear and declare, “X-Men: Origins, reunite!”

[via Insider, video and cover image via Global Citizen]

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