‘Salmon Cannon’ That Shows How Fish Surprisingly ‘Commute’ Goes Viral

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The internet is losing its mind after a video showing how salmon is transported between bodies of water went viral.

The video shared by news network Cheddar shows a “salmon cannon,” created by Whooshh Innovations, to aid the migration of fish.

At times, the presence of dams deters the salmon from reaching where they are headed, so the inventive tube helps transport them over the dams and back to their migration paths within a shorter travel time.

The footage shows a man placing the salmon in the long translucent tube, which then shuttles it to another side of a dam within seconds. Although the video was posted in 2014, the internet can’t help but marvel at the amazing innovation.

One Twitter user jokes, “Elon Musk finally has his hyperloop dreams come true,” while another hopes that someone would start a funding page for a “human-sized version of the fish tube.”

In response to the hype, Whooshh Innovations CEO Vince Bryant expresses surprise that the idea took this long “to catch on.”

The fishes’ adoption of the “salmon cannon” has evolved since then. While workers had to “hand-feed fish into the tube” back in 2014, the fish now naturally swim up to the “cannons” by themselves, explains Bryant.

The inventor also emphasizes that the tube is safe for the fish and at an average speed of 22 miles per hour, it is a “comfortable ride for them.”

This system helps native fish pass over dams in seconds rather than day pic.twitter.com/aAmhHArjPg

— Dr. Kash Sirinanda (@kashthefuturist) August 8, 2019

Elon Musk has finally had his hyperloop dreams come true. https://t.co/JwSOIoiRsm

— Hank Green (@hankgreen) August 11, 2019

We now live in a world that has a salmon cannon pic.twitter.com/PHskeL0doo

— Wes Blankenship (@Wes_nship) August 11, 2019

what if we kissed in the salmon cannon 😳 pic.twitter.com/eS4tbzsaVg

— 🍒 (@kirikerise) August 11, 2019

Scientists: this salmon cannon will help restore migratory patterns and safely transport farmed fish

The salmon: pic.twitter.com/EKegYaAMnH

— Lauren Simonitis (@OceanExplauren) August 12, 2019

We. Demand. To. Ride. The Fish Tube.

— Ariel Dumas (@ArielDumas) August 11, 2019

the salmon going through the giant fish tube: pic.twitter.com/UtIC7EKuc6

— Paul McCallion (@OrangePaulp) August 11, 2019

I just wanna be rich enough to travel everywhere by salmon cannon. pic.twitter.com/ngvcVVolo3

— peanut (@angrypeanut4) August 11, 2019

Pop me in the salmon cannon and fire me all the way to Reading

— Adam Hann (@1975hann) August 12, 2019

Everyone sharing the salmon cannon, you ain’t seen nothin: pic.twitter.com/XWf4iJdu5H

— Tyler Reinhard (@abolishme) August 11, 2019

someone make a gofundme for a human-sized version of the fish tube please

— Parker Molloy (@ParkerMolloy) August 11, 2019

Well I guess it's a Hot Girl Summer but a Fish Tube Fall

— Rachel Wenitsky (@RachelWenitsky) August 12, 2019

pack my body in the salmon cannon and shoot me into the sun. i want to be among the stars

— david (@davidjhormell) August 11, 2019

[via CNN, opening image via Shutterstock] http://www.designtaxi.com/news/405877/Salmon-Cannon-That-Shows-How-Fish-Surprisingly-Commute-Goes-Viral/

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