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Siri’s Response To ‘Where Are The Terrorists?’ Leaves Bad Taste In Users’ Mouths

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Internet users were baffled with the result they received after they asked Siri a rather controversial question.

Some have tried asking Apple’s virtual assistant, “Hey Siri, where are the terrorists?” and are sharing the unexpected reply, where Siri is shown to have recommended local police stations.

Political commentator Ryan Fournier has called the response “disgusting.”

“Siri thinks our cops are terrorists,” he tweeted after it recommended him to head to the Greensboro police department.

Apple hasn’t addressed the issue yet, despite many social media users demanding an explanation from the company. However, several Twitter users have claimed that Siri no longer shows the same result.

This is disgusting.

Siri thinks our cops are terrorists.

Try it yourself, “Hey Siri, where are the terrorists.”


— Ryan Fournier (@RyanAFournier) September 23, 2020


DISGUSTING! Duet this video trying it yourself ##apple ##SIRI ##Terrorist

♬ original sound – Vild


Siri..where are the terrorists? ##backtheblue ##thinblueline ##police ##defendthepolice ##trumpsquad2020 ##trump2020 ##maga ##trump ##realwomenvotefortrump

♬ original sound – deplorablechoir

Hey @AppleSupport why when you ask Siri “where are the TERRORISTS” does it tell you where your local PD is?!

— 𝓶𝓮𝓰𝓼 (@megacocc) September 22, 2020

So if you ask Siri “where are the terrorists” it brings up all the police departments near you.

— Fet's Luck (@SouthernRide) September 22, 2020

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