Smart Email Hacks To Help You Enjoy Your Vacations Worry-Free

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People on vacation can often find hundreds or even thousands of emails piling up in their inboxes, which can be rather distressing.

In a 2018 survey of over 4,300 workers in the US, 52 percent reported to have ended the year with unused vacation days due to two major reasons: heavy workload and the fear of being replaced. For those who did use their holidays, many related having to work during their trips.

In order to fully enjoy your vacations, you can change up your email settings in order to manage work requests and set boundaries, as shared by HuffPost. Check out some tips below, and find out more here.

Set out-of-office responders

One of the most essential and obvious ways to prevent your inbox from being flooded is by crafting an out-of-office message.

For Gmail users, you can find the “Vacation responder” section in the settings section, then enter a range of dates reflecting when you would be away as well as craft a template. The message can also only be delivered to contacts if you wish.

For most Outlook versions, you can locate the option by clicking on “File” in the upper-left of the screen and then “Info,” followed by “Automatic Replies (Out of Office).” Outlook also allows you to craft different messages for people in and outside of your workplace.

Archive your emails

You can also /b> choose to automatically archive or delete emails in order to prevent them from flooding your main inbox. When you return, you can leaf through the emails that were sent in while you were away.

On Gmail, you can go to “Filters and Blocked Addresses” under “Settings” and then “Create a new filter;” archived messages can be found under “All Mail.” Outlook has a similar feature called ‘AutoArchive’ that allows you to move and delete emails within a set time period.

Pen out-of-office emails the right way

Knowing what to include in your out-of-office message is also key. You should always mention which dates and times you have blocked off, as well as avoid promising to respond right away or give in to work requests.

Lastly, let recipients know who they can contact when you are unavailable.

You can find the full, detailed list of email hacks on vacation here. Bon voyage!

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