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Starbucks Roasts Its Own Inability To Spell To Remind You To Wear Masks

Image via Starbucks UK

It’s no secret that Starbucks’ baristas have misspelled many customer’s names on coffee cups. Starbucks UK is admitting to this in a self-deprecating ad by poking fun at employees’ blunders while promoting the use of face masks at the same time.

The poster, conceived by ad agency Iris Worldwide, shows a Starbucks cup with the word “mmpfffh” written over it to imply the muffled sound a customer might make when introducing his or her name with a face mask on.

It also includes a message thanking patrons for wearing face masks at the Starbucks stores amid the coronavirus pandemic.

“Names on cups is such a big thing at Starbucks and it just occurred to me how much trickier life suddenly is for baristas. They’ve got no chance,” Eli Vasiliou, the Iris associate creative director, explained to Muse by Clio.

“That idea made me laugh, so we worked it up as a little social post for Starbucks’ Instagram and Facebook. [The] client loved it and signed it off, and that was that,” she added.

To all our lovely customers as we welcome you back. Keep safe, look after each other 😷

Posted by Starbucks UK on Monday, August 3, 2020

[via Muse By CLIO, cover image via Starbucks UK]

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