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Ten Top Website Design Tips – Tip 5


Keep your website design simple!

The whole draw of using a website is that it should be quick and easy to use. 

To this end simplicity is key.

At the touch of a button, succinct and useful information should be available to your users.  

Today’s Internet surfers won’t hang around, so you need to make sure that the page is scannable. 

This means not being afraid to use or leave in plenty of white space. 

There is a theory that our eyes do not naturally work in a linear fashion.  Given the chance they will take in more and then zoom in to an area of interest from the bigger picture. 

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The ten top website design tips – tip 5 “keep your website design simple” page was written “By Mike Armstrong”

MD of 333 Websites & Web Marketing Agency MA Consultancy and The Voice of Social Media – Web Marketing Trainer

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