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‘The Girl Can’ Advert Highlights The Realities Of Women Getting Active

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Image via This Girl Can

Sport England’s This Girl Can campaign has unveiled a new advert showcasing how women overcome challenges to pursue fitness in their lives. The spot reveals the reality of life by featuring period, motherhood, support networks, disability and LGBT+.

The message of the advert is clear, which is that “no one gets to choose how you exercise other than you.” By proving there is “no right way” to exercise, it encourages women to get active according to their lifestyles and health conditions. In one particular scene, a young lady practices yoga to ease her menstrual cramps, while another scene depicts a daughter persuading her mother to exercise to tackle menopause and polycystic ovary syndrome.

Echoing the mantra, “Your body, your call,” the advert focuses on empowering women to collectively take charge of their lives to get active the way they want to. The campaign hopes to inspire at least 250,000 women to do 150 minutes of physical activity weekly.

This Girl Can campaign is accompanied along with a website that provides resources and tools for women to practice a healthy and active lifestyle. In its “Ways to get active” section, it offers various activities for women to take up and get involved.

Watch the advert below.

[via BBC, images via This Girl Can]

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