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Top Website Design Tips

If you are looking for top website design tips then this page is for you.  Here we offer 10 top website design tips to help you to build a professional website.  If you don’t fancy building a website yourself then we could build one for you.  To see our top website design tips please click the Top Website design tip numbered from 1 to 10 that is most of interest to you, or feel free to view all of the top website design tips.

Website Design Tip 1 – Have a strong Brand Message on your Website!

Website Design Tip 2 – Provide a clear navigation system for your website.

Website Design Tip 3 – Make your web intuitive and extremely easy to use.

Website Design Tip 4 – Keep your website design consistent throughout your website.

Website Design Tip 5 – Keep your website design simple.

Website Design Tip 6 – Ensure your website and content is easy to understand.

Website Design Tip 7 – Ensure that your website degrades gracefully!

Website Design Tip 8 – Write your content with your target audience in mind and keep it jargon free.

Website Design Tip 9 – Consider the usability of your Website!

Website Design Tip 10 – Make sure that your new website is compliant.

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The Top Website Design Tips page was written “By Mike Armstrong”

MD of 333 WebsitesWeb Marketing Agency MA Consultancy, WelshBiz Web Marketing Brand and The Voice of Social Media – Web Marketing Trainer

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