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Uniqlo x KAWS Collection Has Hypebeasts Causing Mad Stampedes In Stores

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Video screenshot via Uniqlo

One of the more iconic fashion collections from last year was the Sesame Street-themed collaboration between Uniqlo and American artist Brian Donnelly, better known by his pseudonym KAWS. The duo have returned for another capsule, but despite the popularity generated in the past years, no one could have expected it to balloon this much.

There’s something in the water that has awakened the hypebeasts, as proven by videos of streetwear diehards at Uniqlo’s stores in China that have gone viral. The startling footage shows customers racing feverishly to barely-opening locations fighting each other and shoving shelves to get their hands on the new ‘KAWS: Summer UT’ series.

A clip even reveals that mannequins were decapitated so that shoppers could nab the collection’s display sets.

What’s on Weibo, a site that crawls trending topics on China’s most popular social network, relates that the hashtag “Everybody KAWS” amassed 140 million views on the platform on Monday evening. The capsule also sold out the moment it went online, with its pieces being resold at over four times their retail prices.

The riot mirrors the furor caused by Starbucks China’s cat paw-shaped cup, which had customers throwing fists at each other over the drinkware.

The ‘KAWS: Summer UT’ collection is now available in US stores and online. Considering the chaos ensued elsewhere, you’ll probably want to move quickly to purchase the new tees and totes.

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Meanwhile the KAWS x Uniqlo drop in China went pretty well..sorta. ?

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Chinese shoppers are going absolutely crazy over UNIQLO x KAWS collection:

— Manya Koetse (@manyapan) June 3, 2019

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