Washington’s Metro Launches Ad Reminding ‘Manspreaders’ To Think For Others

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A PSA rolled out by the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority is reminding serial “manspreaders” to think twice for other passengers and close the gap between their knees when commuting.

The billboard is sitting at NoMa-Gallaudet U. station, and arrives with a hilariously exaggerated photo of a woman grimacing as a man invades her personal space by spreading his legs and taking up nearly two seats.

The advert, spotted by local news outlet WTOP, reads, “Why is this seat so uncomfortable? The answer is obvious. So is the solution.”

Commuters evidently resonate with the print. Regina Foshee of DC relates that she “[deals] with it every day,” but also understands why people might want to take up more than one seat. Others have expressed annoyance at the habit, but point out that culprits might not be aware of their behavior.

One self-declared manspreader, Jacob Ramos of Orlando, Florida, describes that he sits this way for “comfortability’s sake, not to be a bad guy.”

A spokesperson for the Metro confirms that the billboard was part of a campaign, titled ‘Metro Manners’, that has been up and running since last winter. The series of ads aim to “reinforce courteous behavior.”

"Looks like Metro has started an anti-manspreading campaign" https://t.co/gPQzbU9skT pic.twitter.com/tm2PS1MEYB

— PoPville (@PoPville) July 9, 2019

[via WTOP, images via various sources] http://www.designtaxi.com/news/405471/Washington-s-Metro-Launches-Ad-Reminding-Manspreaders-To-Think-For-Others/

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