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Watch: NASA Shows What Happens After Astronaut Loses Mirror In Space

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Image via Global Citizen

Space is the last place you’d want to lose your keys.

Unfortunately, one NASA astronaut suffered a similar plight when he dropped a small mirror during a spacewalk from the International Space Station. The accessory fell out of astronaut Chris Cassidy’s spacesuit, floating away at approximately one foot per second.

So, what happens if you drop a mirror in space? Does it shatter to pieces, spelling bad luck over outer space’s equivalent to seven earthly years?

Thankfully, NASA managed to capture the moment in a video. In it, Mission Control shows that there’d be no cause for worry when an astronaut misplaces his or her belongings, especially when the object only measures a meager three inches by five inches.

The mirror simply turns into “space junk” that orbits around Earth.

Independent reports that astronauts attach small mirrors around their wrists on both sleeves to see more precisely when working in space, akin to side mirrors for cars.

Cassidy was on the first of “at least four spacewalks” with astronaut Bob Behnken to replace old batteries for the orbiting lab when the mirror escaped, gone forever but never to harm anyone on Earth.

[via Tech Times, cover image via Global Citizen]

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