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Wikipedia Is Getting Its First Desktop Website Redesign After A Decade

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Wikipedia has played an essential role for internet users for almost 20 years, helping many discover new information through its crowd-sourced encyclopedia submissions. Now, it is taking care of itself—the website will be getting a facelift after a decade.

According to a post on MediaWiki, the desktop version of the site will be modernized with quick navigations and fewer elements in the full view.

Some of the new changes include improving its search functions, shifting the Table of Contents section to the top right for easy access, and making the left sidebar collapsible. The website aims to be more comfortable for users to browse and read its text-heavy content.

The company announced in a blog post that the changes will be made “incrementally over a long period of time,” so users can test out the features before they are officially rolled out.

The full redesign is set to be spearheaded by Wikipedia. However, this is only for the desktop version, and Wikipedia hasn’t mentioned any updates to the mobile version as of yet.

[via PC Magazine, cover image via Alexey Boldin /]

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